The Management

In 2012, Larry and Pranav met through a global entrepreneurial organization called EO. They ended up being part of the same mentoring ‘forum’ group and struck an immediate friendship.During one of the meetings, Pranav had recommended to Larry that he should take his company, Encore Nationwide, the 4th largest staffing company in the US and enable their software to become available online to anyone who wanted it. Pranav also suggested he register the name White Label Staffing in order to protect this idea.

Several months later, Larry and Pranav met for a coffee at a local Starbucks and he asked him for input on raising money for this newco. Pranav shared his ideas and thoughts with Larry, but more importantly, he expressed an interest in participating. They talked about this briefly and came to an agreement that Pranav would bring his resources to the table – IT development and network support, marketing and customer service. The time from concept to launch took about 1 year.

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